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Normal operation after the summer vacation?

Schools and daycare centers have at least partially reopened. From this Monday (June 8th) all children will be looked after in daycare centers in NRW – but there is criticism.

Update from June 9, 4:42 p.m .: More and more federal states are planning that return the student after corona– Forced break. For example, NRW plans to open the primary schools again on June 15th. He warns of a dangerous game President of the German Teachers’ Association Heinz-Peter Meidinger in an interview with the Focus.

Before opening it needs one “Practical safety and hygiene concept” he says and is concerned that Corona Super Spreader Schools will.

There are two basic approaches for Meidinger:

He himself advocates the cautious variant, since there is a risk of a second corona wave and schools would have to close immediately. Meidinger refers to what happened in Israel, where exactly this happened.

Meidinger sees what is happening in NRW as particularly problematic. Primary schools should reopen here from June 15th – no distance is required. “The core of the previous hygiene concept of the Conference of Ministers of Education is being eliminatedwithout showing practical alternatives, ”Meidinger said Focus. In his opinion, additional protective measures, such as ventilation rules, isolating the learning groups from one another and, if necessary, the requirement for a mask are required when opening.

According to Meidinger, the school opening is currently “the second step before the first”. In advance, a resilient hygiene concept would be needed, according to the top teacher.

Update from June 9, 4 p.m .: The daycare centers in Berlin should open completely before the summer holidays, the schools of the capital should return to normal operations after the holidays. The Berlin Senate agreed on Tuesday.

Accordingly, the Daycare centers From mid-June, the return to regular operations will begin, where all children can be looked after again. From June 22nd, full support should be possible again.

The return of the students after the summer vacation applies to all school types and grades, such as Education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) announced on Tuesday. “We want to go into full operation after the summer vacation,” said Scheeres. Then there will be a full day offer again. “This is only possible if we drop the 1.5 meter rule,” emphasized the senator.

In Berlin, the summer vacation starts this year on June 25 and ends on August 7.

In Thuringia, the contact restrictions will be lifted on June 13th.

Update from June 9, 12.45 p.m .: Is an end to the distance rule in sight in schools? That’s why Stefanie Hubig, the President of the Conference of Ministers of Education. Due to the current 1.50-meter rule, classes are only possible with half or even smaller classes – that’s why rooms and staff are becoming scarce, the said Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of Education on Tuesday in RBB information radio. “And that’s why it is important for us from this Distance rule to get away so that we can teach in the normal class group again. ”The children and young people would have the right to come to school and learn with each other.

Her experts had told her that it was now slowly becoming the responsibility of those Distance rule to waive, Hubig said. Ventilation, stable class associations and adherence to the general are important Hygiene rules. “Then it is responsible, just like in public in many other places.”

Teachers’ associations have raised concerns and a mask requirement for regular operations also in the classroom (German Association of Teachers) or at least twice a week series tests for all students and teachers (Association of Philologists) required.

In several federal states, at least elementary school students are already in the class association without the summer vacation Distance rule back or have already returned. Higher classes and elementary school students from other countries are currently still divided and taught in a rolling system, alternately at home and at school. The Minister of Culture of the Länder had agreed to return to normal school operations as soon as possible if the infection level allowed it. Most countries go on summer vacation by mid-July at the latest.

Update from June 8, 10:38 a.m .: In North Rhine-Westphalia, after several months of compulsory breaks, the daycare centers open again to all children on Monday. So-called restricted regular operation is now starting with hygiene concepts and shorter care times. “As soon as possible, we will go into full operation,” said the North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of Family Affairs Joachim Stamp (FDP). Until then, solidarity from all parents and concessions from all sides are required.

Parent representative have the reduced childcare times criticizedreports the local news portal . According to the state’s wishes, the children should be up to a maximum of 45 hours instead of 45 hours 35 hours a week are looked after in the daycare. A spokeswoman for the State Parents’ Advisory Board of NRW pointed out that many parents would still not be able to take up full employment. Since many daycare centers would also have shortened their opening times accordingly, there was hardly any flexibility in terms of time.

By the way: You can read the current status of the corona loosening in the individual federal states in our overview*.

Meanwhile, three suggestions for the new school year regarding the Corona crisis are being discussed.

Update from June 7, 8:08 p.m .: The schools in Göttingen stay after the youngest Corona outbreak closed another week in town. Classroom instruction was prohibited until Friday (June 12). Two too Daycare centers remain closed. The Göttingen Parents’ Council had previously spoken out against a general opening. The decision whether the pupils should take face-to-face lessons or learn at home should be made by them alone legal guardian the parents’ council demanded.

Previously, there had been numerous new infections in a high-rise building in Göttingen on the edge of the city center. Many schoolchildren are among the infected. The city assumes that violations of the rules at private celebrations of large families are the cause. After this Corona outbreak are in Göttingen all schools and some daycare centers have been closed. The schools were originally supposed to reopen on Monday (June 8) under strict conditions.

Head of Social Affairs Petra Broistedt had spoken of violations of the distance and hygiene regulations at the private celebrations and described them as “inconsiderate, irresponsible behavior” designated.

Update from June 7th: From the perspective of Greens children and their rights have played a deplorable little role in the Corona crisis for months. “Children are the most fragile link in our society,” emphasized Party leader Annalena Baerbock towards the Welt am Sonntag. She further criticized: “But instead of creating the conditions for daycare centers and schools to reopen first, was forever about the opening of the soccer Bundesliga and from furniture stores discussed. ”

Baerbock now wants next Wednesday consult with experts about opening schools and day-care centers after the summer holidays. In the course of the Corona crisis, the federal government had so far only invited to top meetings with industry, but not to one School and daycare summits, complained Baerbock. “I am now inviting you as an opposition politician,” she said.

Accordingly, the Greens politician wants to advise on Wednesday at an online conference with unions, day-care providers, the primary school teachers’ association and paediatricians about “what conditions have to be created so that schools and daycare centers can be completely opened again after the holidays and the health of Children, educators and teachers is protected ”.

Baerbock demanded further nationwide guidelines, “How we do after school holidays in schools and daycare centers one regular operation suitable for children under pandemic conditions to return“. The fact that such guidelines are currently missing is a serious mistake. In their view, the federal government should also have set up an extra fund with the federal states so that kindergartens and schools could get additional staff. Baerbock also referred to the suffering of no fewer children. “Almost every tenth child experienced violence during the lockdown. These studies show how fatal it is that children and their rights have played no role for months, ”she said.

Update from June 6th: Minister of Education Franziska Giffey spoke out on Friday that many student already after the Pentecost holidays Normal operation could switch. Heinz-Peter Meidinger, the President of the German Teachers’ Association, therefore asked for the introduction of some newer Hygiene rules in schools. He included one general Mask requirement for students during class, like Meidinger the picture– Newspaper said. “However, proper tuition makes it difficult,” he added.

Meidinger said that the prerequisite for this was the highest possible level of health protection for teachers, students and the relatives in their households. For this, classes and learning groups would have to be separated completely and throughout the school day. Meidinger also proposed extensive, regular corona tests for teachers and students, as well as emergency plans in the event of increasing infections.

Update from June 5th: Mask requirement and distance rules took care of the Pentecost holidays for an unfamiliar everyday school life. After the holidays, normality could return to many students. At least that is in favor Minister of Education Franziska Giffey (SPD).

Provided that continue low infection rates * it is conceivable that abolish existing distance rules in schools and day care centers. “Then it is 1.5-meter distance rule no longer maintain“Notes Giffey thinking of a full return to normal operations.

However, the countries make confident decisions about implementation. Plans for Abolition of strict corona measures however already exist.

In Hessen, the usual five-day week in schools on August 17th to be resumed. Spacing rules would then be overturned, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education revealed Image newspaper (Article behind payment barrier).

The Hamburg Senate is also aiming for regular school operations again. But this is only possible if the distance rule falls, the school board warns. Those responsible from Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have a similar opinion. “After all, it’s about the right to education and the right to social participation of children and young people“Clarifies Brandenburg’s Minister of Education Britta Ernst (SPD).

Thuringia really wants to “restricted regular operation” on June 15 record, tape. In North Rhine-Westphalia all primary schools should start teaching normally again at the same time.

The state ministers of culture had agreed to offer normal education again as soon as possible. No later than after the summer holidays the numbers allow it, all German schools and daycare centers to be back in a normal everyday life.

By the way: In the wake of the Corona crisis, the poll values ​​of Bavaria’s prime minister rose sharply. Now he is treated as a possible candidate for chancellor. CDU top politician Friedrich Merz has now made it clear what he thinks of it. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) meanwhile announces a Corona app.

Update from June 1st: Schools are gradually reopening – but there can be no question of normal operation: mask requirements * and distance rules shape the everyday life of those who are at school and many students are not allowed to return. A Kieler Infectious Medic came to the conclusion, however, that just before the summer holidays for the reintroduction of School lessons without distance rules would be a good time.

“The so far successful containment of the virus makes this justifiable and you can gain experience in the few weeks until the holidays, take countermeasures in dangerous situations and have the long ones Holidays as a temporary safety buffer“Explained Helmut Fickenscher, Director of the Institute for Infectious Medicine at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein and President of the German Association for Combating Viral Diseases in an interview with the German Press Agency.

A start without distance rules before the big summer break is better than to start the new school year without such a test phase after the holidays without distance rules and then possibly get into “difficult situations”, said the infectious medic. From 8th June to be in Schleswig-Holstein all elementary school students back in their classes be taught without distance rules. In addition, before the summer vacation beginning there on June 29, all students from all types of school should come back together at least on a daily basis. Also Saxony-Anhalt is aiming In mid-June a full-class business for elementary school students at. The same is in Baden-Wuerttemberg planned from the end of June.

Update from May 30, 2020: Many parents – but also schoolchildren – are eagerly waiting for a bit of normality in school life. Minister of Education Anja Karliczek (CDU) now put pressure. It has urged countries and schools to create the conditions for a reliable one Lessons after the summer vacation to accomplish.

“Every school in every country has to set a goal: After the holidays, structured instruction must be offered everywhere – in such a way that a full school program is guaranteed as far as possible,” said the CDU politician Rheinische Post. “Anyway.” The parents were often at the limit, and the students also suffered, said Karliczek.

The Minister admitted that she knew about the difficulties. “But we just live in an exceptional situation and everything has to be mobilized now so that the children and adolescents can be reliably taught again.” On site, intensive work has to be done on solutions so that school operations “with one.” Mix of classroom and digital lessons“Can run again comprehensively.

“The summer holidays can also be used by schools to create more space, for example by setting up containers,” said Karliczek. She also welcomed the proposal from the Federal Parents’ Council, for teaching about Club houses and municipal event rooms to fall back on. “This can help to keep the distance rules.”

School policy is a national issue in Germany. Representatives of several federal states had already announced that they would return to normal school operations after the summer holidays. Bavaria’s Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo (free voters), for example, recently did not want to give a “guarantee”.

First registration: Berlin – How’s it going? Lessons of the future from? In Corona times, a viable concept was struggled to make schools accessible to all classes at the same time. Now there are first plans.

The Federal Parents’ Council also suggests that the equalization and compliance with the distance rules in schools for the period after the summer holidays should also be followed Lessons in club houses, conference centers and municipal buildings to offer. The first reactions to this have been positive. The German Association of Cities and Municipalities was open to this, as did the German Teachers’ Association.

Even in the new school year, school operations will not be able to take place in regular operations everywhere, said the managing director of the Association of Cities and Municipalities, Gerd Landsberg, who German press agency. In order to avoid infection, the need for as much as possible Distance and hygiene rules be respected.

“Depending on the situation on site, it can make sense to have part of the school in larger rooms of clubs or other facilities Landsberg pointed out that the spatial situation in many school buildings is often unfavorable with regard to the distance rules. “The holidays should be used, however To optimize rooms with regard to ventilation, sanitary facilities and other hygiene requirements *. “

The Chair of the Federal Parents’ Council, Stephan Wassmuth, had asked in the newspapers of the Funke media group to organize more classrooms for the period after the summer holidays. “We have to assume that the distance rules will continue to apply after the holidays.” Wassmuth spoke in favor of this, too Club houses, municipal event rooms, conference centers or even exhibition halls to use.

The President of the German Teachers’ Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger supports the proposal. There are in many communities vacant housesthat would not be used, he told the dpa. Also Outdoor classes, for example in the courtyards of schools, could be an option as long as the weather is fine.

“But that’s all for sure not the big overall solution“Meidinger continued. He called for a new concept for the post-vacation period from the state education ministers. In his opinion, this should also be the case regular corona tests * by teachers and students include.

The Union group leader Ralph Brinkhaus advocated a quick return to normal operations in schools, day care centers and kindergartens. Enlarging their closure Differences between children from educated and uneducated families, the CDU politician told the “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland” (RND / Saturday). The burden on the families is also problematic. “That is why we have to quickly get back to normal school life and regular childcare in kindergartens and kindergartens,” said Brinkhaus.

The education policy spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group, Thomas Sattelberger, said: “School is not allowed after the summer break degenerate into the same fiasco as is currently the case. ”That’s why schools have to go on summer vacation plan on two tracks. Sattelberger called for “well thought-out solutions” for lessons at home and solutions for classroom instruction. In addition, the responsible education politicians must “urgently ensure” that for the classroom rented larger rooms as alternative solutions will.

Representatives of several federal states had already announced that they would be back after the summer vacation Aim for normal operation at schools. Even before the holidays, some want to go back to primary schools, at least teach full classes and do without distance rules. About the possible spread * of the coronavirus through daycare centers and schools there is a lot of discussion. There is still no reliable knowledge about the risk of infection and spread among children and adolescents. One got a study situation that does not allow any real conclusions, Minister of Health Jens Spahn * (CDU) said.

The President of the Conference of Ministers of Education for the Länder, the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of Education, Stefanie Hubig (SPD) said the taz: There is an urgent desire in all federal states to return to stronger normality. “Basically, our way is the same: If possible, normal operations should take place in the schools after the summer holidays.” They will exchange ideas at the beginning of the next week.

You can read about the developments in “Corona Virus in Germany” from May 28th in our ticker here.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.


List of rubric lists: © dpa / Martin Schutt

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